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Debian 9 with CUDA Toolkit and cuDNN

Docker debian-cuda

Minimal Docker image built from Debian 9 with CUDA Toolkit and cuDNN using only Debian packages. (more)

Docker Compose organized naming convention

Use Docker Compose and an organized naming convention to keep track of your containers. (more)

Docker installation on Debian 8

Instructions on how to install and configure Docker with journald logging driver and overlay storage driver in Debian 8 (and similar). (more)

Weave network driver on Debian 8

Weave network driver for Docker provides a great flexible and secure alternative for container networks. (more)

Issues and workarounds for Debian 8

Debian 8 brings updates to 66% of packages and switches to systemd as its default system and service manager. This can result in a couple of issues, so check below for workarounds that solve them. (more)

Using LUKS with dm-crypt

Encrypted partition in Debian 7

Creating a LUKS encrypted partition with dm-crypt in Debian 7 is simple. Mounting and using it in KDE is even simpler. (more)

Installation alternatives for Debian 8

Debian 8 and similar systems can be installed in many ways, but the alternative Network boot variant is the smallest and cleanest, as it installs directly from the internet. (more)