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Managing multiple Docker hosts can be done remotely and on-demand with socat tunnels. There is no need for deploying Docker Swarm, reconfiguring Docker daemon, or exposing its port with a proxy.

Socat tunnels to Docker hosts

Docker hosts can be administered either individually or through Docker Swarm. Because Docker daemon does not listen on a network interface by default, a workaround is needed to connect to it remotely.

On all Docker hosts install the socat utility and setup password-less authentication over SSH. On your workstation also install the socat utility and docker command. When needed setup the tunnels with a command like:

$ socat TCP-LISTEN:2350,bind=,reuseaddr,fork,range= EXEC:"ssh root@ socat STDIO UNIX-CONNECT\:/run/docker.sock"
$ for d in 50 51 52; do (socat TCP-LISTEN:23$d,bind=,reuseaddr,fork,range= EXEC:"ssh root@1.2.3.$d socat STDIO UNIX-CONNECT\:/run/docker.sock" &); done

Afterwards you may control your Docker hosts from the workstation simply by adding something like -H to the command:

$ iptables -A INPUT -i lo -p tcp -j ACCEPT
$ docker -H ps -a